Navigating Uncertainty:

Develop the Trust-Centered™ Skills Necessary to Lead at Scale in Uncertain Times

Tuesday, September 8 from 10 am to 11 am PT


Workshop overview:

Uncertainty is the spotlight that reveals your leadership. When faced with uncertainty, we have a choice: how do we choose to lead?  

The most important work we do as leaders isn’t about guiding others on a specific, certain path to delivering a guaranteed result. The work that really matters lies in enrolling others to courageously embark on an uncharted journey from the challenges of the present to a better future we hadn’t yet imagined.

Join us for a FREE live, interactive, online workshop where you’ll develop crucial, Trust-Centered™ skills necessary to do your most important work as a leader. You’ll walk away with practical insights, tools, and tactics to help you more confidently, inclusively, and effectively lead at scale amidst uncertainty. 

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    Date and time:

    Tuesday, September 8 from 10 am to 11 am PT

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    Who is this workshop for?

    • Leaders who are looking to hone their ability to better lead their teams and organizations forward in uncertain times.
    • Leaders who are willing to show up and be seen and heard and participate in the conversation.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Broaden your perspective so you can transform uncertainty into possibility.
    • Connect with and enroll your employees in a shared purpose to more readily navigate an unknown terrain.
    • Earn and strengthen the trust that is needed to build organizational resilience so you can successfully navigate change, uncertainty, and adversity.

    Tech requirements:

    • Stable internet connection
    • Join the workshop from a laptop/desktop* with a mic and webcam
    • Free Zoom meeting client installed

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    * We are discouraging connecting from mobile as this live workshop experience is not ideal on mobile, but if this is your only option we’d still love to have you.

    About The Brightspot Trust™

    The Brightspot Trust™ is a consultancy that helps organizations and leaders build trust so they can unlock their people and full business potential.  

    As the founders of Trust-Centered™ Leadership, we provide a research-based, measurable, comprehensive approach to help your organization earn, extend, strengthen, and restore trust —  the most valuable asset of our time.

    We help you develop capable leadership at all levels and a resilient culture rooted in trust so you can successfully navigate change, uncertainty, and adversity.

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